Carnival RAG - Bad Things for Good Causes!



Carnival RAG is the University of Birmingham's Raising and Giving society. 

Since 1880 we've been doing stupid stuff to raise cash for local charities - read on to hear about some of our favourite events...



The oldest charity bar crawl in the UK, this event needs no introduction. Previously known as 'Carnage' this event is notoriously fun; but with a serious side - all profits go directly to charity! Every first year student with a freshers' pack has a ticket for one of our two Freshers' Karma in Colour events; so don your hall's colours with pride and battle your peers in the epic finale to your freshers' experience!



The most devious of Carnival creations, Enigma is a mystery bus tour to an unknown location for the wildest night of your lives. Bus games, challenges, pre-bars and a huge club at the end, Enigma is the ultimate Uni night out and won't be forgotten in a hurry. Tickets will sell out literally minutes, as this is our MOST popular event. You will understand why soon...


Climb Everest / Kilimanjaro

This surely needs no explanation. Carnival RAG challenges you to climb a mountain; which one you pick is up to you! Located in two different continents, each trek gives a unique experience - if white water rafting and jungle safaris are your thing opt for Everest; or for a more chilled out end to your trip try Kilimanjaro, with a stopover in the bars and beaches of Zanzibar! 


Escape and Evade

60 hours. The world. How far would you go?

Carnival RAG challenges you to escape as far from Birmimgham as you can in 60 hours. The catch? You can't spend a penny on transport. Last year this event was totally sold out within days of tickets going on sale, and raised over £12,000 for local Birmimgham charities. As ludicrous as this sounds, teams in the past have made it as far as Italy, Serbia and Ukraine, and everyone comes back with ludicrous stories... To see last year's teams and how they got on click here 


RAG Raids

The staple RAG event - we've been running these for over 100 years! The premise is simple - we give you a free trip away for a weekend in return for a couple of hours of bucket shaking for loose change. No catch. Literally a free weekend away. We might event throw in some free food if you're lucky. A great way to visit other parts of the UK on the cheap, and experience the best these cities have to offer.


But there's so much more!

To get involved in running events, why not become a RAG rep? Or stop by our Facebook page for a chat! 



Carnival RAG - Bad Things, Good Causes.